Please note, in most cases these protocols have been optimised for certain conditions and are meant as a guide only, you may need to alter some parameters to suit your own experiment.

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Cell sorting
Sample prep guide.pdf Download
9 sorting protips (cytomad) Link
Experimental design
Controls for flow cytometry.pdf Download
Virtue of a viability dye (cytomad) Link
Titrating antibodies.pdf Download
Cytospins.pdf Download
96-well plate staining tips.pdf Download
Actin polymerisation.pdf Download
Time parameter: post-aquisition data cleanup (cytomad) Link
Cell Cycle / Viability
Cell cycle info sheet Download
Viability dye info sheet Download
Proliferation assays
CFSE staining.pdf Download
Detection of in vivo proliferation by BrdU labelling.pdf Download
Immunophenotyping assays
Labelling human cells (direct).pdf Download
Labelling human cells (indirect).pdf Download
Intracellular cytokine staining (human).pdf Download
Intracellular staining tips.pdf Download
Labelling murine cells (direct).pdf Download
Labelling murine cells (indirect).pdf Download
Polyclonal staining (murine).pdf Download
Reagent recipes & preparation
Dialysis of antibodies.pdf Download
IgG purification using Protein A or G columns.pdf Download
Biotin labelling of antibodies.pdf Download
FITC labelling of antibodies.pdf Download
Murine lysis buffer.pdf Download
Paraformaldehyde Download
Wash solutions Download